Shots fired and officer injured

Shots fired and officer injured, Vladimir Volenyuk

A serious incident happened Wednesday night in Onanole, which is located about 265 kilometers northwest of Winnipeg, the community is a part of the Rural Municipality of Park, a few shots were fired and one male officer injured. Manitoba RCMP initiated a manhunt for two to three suspects that may be traveling in a black pickup truck, also one more suspect may be moving the area on foot, and later police tweeted the model of the truck, which is 2005 GMC Sierra in black with Manitoba license plate GBX 470.

As per RCMP, the search still continues, no more details yet on what actually happened and what led to shots being fired, the injured officer is still in the hospital, no updates on his condition and how serious his injury or injuries are. The suspects were last seen on Provincial road 262, driving away in their pickup truck. Criminals might have contacts or even accomplices in the area, that will offer a hideout location for the time of a manhunt, also possible they will be hiding in one of the empty residents, which might result in police searches of some local hoses, which are known to be currently unoccupied.

Police qualified suspects as “armed and dangerous”, so people that don’t reside in the area or surrounding neighborhoods and traveling individuals are recommended to avoid Onanole, as heavy police presence is expected in the area during a manhunt operation. Locals are told to stay at home if possible and check if all doors and windows are closed and locked, also people asked to report to police any missing property, especially vehicles could be used for transporting 2-3 people, and any possible break-ins and enters. So any and all public help and cooperation is welcome, please be responsible and contact police officers in your area or call 911 to report any suspicious activity.

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