The wall between Waverley underpass and high-end grocer is highly discussed

The wall between Waverley underpass and high-end grocer is highly discussed, Iryna Chyrkova

Discussion on the wall between the underground passageway and car park continues.

Winnipeg considers $2.6M cost of a wall too high and would prefer a more economical option. At the moment plans for the building of the wall are postponed.

At the end of the last year, the city raised the issue of building a wall to allow Piazza De Nardi on Taylor Avenue to continue to rent 35 parking spaces. Originally it was assumed that the wall would be from the western part of the parking lot.

Tom De Nardi’s family is the owner of the grocer and wine store and explained that the wall had to be part of the design of the underground pass. The city reported that it will allocate $290,000 for the design of the wall.

Tom De Nardi learned of the cancellation of the construction of the wall in July. After that, the man refused to comment on the situation.

Matt Allard, a council public works chair, informed that the city always has two ideas: to build a wall or to make a slope. A slope seems to be more suitable for the authorities.

It became known that the building of an underground pass would be completed in 2 years.

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