8-year-old powwow dancer boy touches the hearts of all people who see his performance

8-year-old powwow dancer boy touches the hearts of all people who see his performance

Despite his illness and his inability to walk, the boy does not see any barriers to taking part in the on the powwow trail.

Powwow is an event where Americans and Indians are getting together to dance, sing, communicate and to discuss Indian culture. 8-year-old powwow dancer struck everyone this year. He is one of those people who will not stop from achieving their goals. The boy expands his horizons and horizons of people surrounding him.

Liam was born with a congenital disease because of which he can not walk. However, this does not mean that the boy should not dance and enjoy his life. T he boy uses only his hands while dancing, but he has so much energy and strength that he is able to dance from morning till night.

Liam lives on the Black River First Nation. It is about 150 km from Winnipeg to the North. He lives with his father and his new wife. In addition to Liam, there are other children from their previous marriages in their family.

Three years ago Liam fell in love with dancing. Since then he does not imagine his life without dancing. At first, his father was very worried because his son would be surrounded by people who dance using their hands and legs. He did not want Liam to feel different from other dancers. However, Liam was not going to stop.

Since that time, Liam has improved his dance skills really a lot. Other dancers gave Liam different dance accessories and outfits to show their support and help. The community provided great financial support for Liam to attend the event this year and showed everyone his remarkable talents as a powwow dancer.

The child's father, Bird, is really happy to see that his son touches the hearts of other people and nobody remain indifferent.

During the summer, Liam managed to participate in three powwows. It was a big achievement for the boy and he is going to continue his occupation in the future.

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