A dangerous sex offender is in Winnipeg

A dangerous sex offender is in Winnipeg

On Thursday, a dangerous criminal who was convicted of sexual crimes was released.

According to Winnipeg police, the perpetrator is going to live in Winnipeg, so all women in the city may be in danger and they should be extremely careful and attentive.

On August 30, Justin David Levasseur who is 28 was released from the Stony Mountain Institution. He is also known as Jay Levasseur or Norman Levasseur.

In the spring of 2016, he was convicted after sexual assaults with an attempt to strangle a woman.

After his release, he is forbidden to own weapons until his death, and he will also be under parole until the fall of 2019.

Justin David Levasseur committed many sexual crimes. Despite repeated attempts at treatment, the city authorities consider him a rather dangerous person and want to warn and protect all women in the city.

Also, the Police ask all residents of the city to inform about this person. If someone possesses any information, it is necessary to call the Police and to tell everything immediately.

You can contact the Winnipeg Police Service or Manitoba Crime Stoppers. Phone numbers: 204-986-6222 and 204-786-8477.

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