All suspects in Onanole shooting are arrested

All suspects in Onanole shooting are arrested

As previously reported, last Wednesday night in Onanole, which is located about 265 kilometers northwest of Winnipeg, the community is a part of the Rural Municipality of Park, a few shots were fired and one male officer injured. Manitoba RCMP initiated a manhunt for two to three suspects that were be traveling in a black pickup truck, also one more suspect was moving the area on foot.

Police qualified suspects as “armed and dangerous”, so people that don’t reside in the area or surrounding neighborhoods and traveling individuals were recommended to avoid Onanole, also heavy police presence were in the area during a manhunt operation. Locals were told to stay at home if possible and check to make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked, also people were asked to report to police any missing property.

The situation turned into nearly 18-hour manhunt operation in Onanole with roadblocks and checkpoint as the info showed criminals were moving in a black pickup truck and possibly could change it for another stolen vehicle. After a massive police operation, suspects were located in one of the houses in Neepawa, all police forces were rapidly moved to the location and the building surrounded. Later with the help of the SWAT team building was swarmed and all suspects detained.

Some local residence felt frightened for themselves, their family and neighbors safety and their property. Most of them learned about the shooting and a manhunt from social media and news, people were shocked and surprised by such events in their community, some had lived in Onanole their whole life and had never experienced such incidents in the neighborhood. People said, they got used to a quiet and peaceful life in the community and were felt scared because of what was happening right on their street for the last couple of days.

As of now, the whole situation is over and under control, all four suspects were arrested and now in custody. The officer that was injured is still in hospital in stable condition, even though he got a serious injury, doctors said it is a non life-threatening state now and he is getting better from now on.

Scott Colody , Commanding Officer of the Manitoba RCMP spoke to journalists about his visit to the hospital to see a wounded officer. An RCMP Corporal, Graeme Kingdon 42 years old was shot when he and his partner responded to a breaking call in Onanole. Police officers were exiting the vehicle when shots were fired and suspects fled into the community.

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