Le Burger Week starts in Canada

Le Burger Week starts in Canada

Canadian cafes and restaurants will make special burgers from 1 to 7 of September during Le Burger Week

Winnipeg restaurants will present something interesting to their visitors. This week you can eat those dishes that are not on their menu usually.

Le Burger Week is a national festival and more than 200,000 cafes and restaurants will take part in it, more than 100 of them are from Winnipeg and will cook their burgers too.

Daniel Gurevich, a local ambassador, commented on this holiday and said that the whole goal of the festival is to make all the cafes and restaurants think outside the box and present their new dishes.

In order to participate in the festival, every restaurant has to create a unique burger that can show the mood and the style of the restaurant. All burgers will be sold at special prices

The whole list of participants can be found on LeBurgerWeek.com.

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