Tickets for Home Tour celebration can be bought online

Tickets for Home Tour celebration can be bought online

Home Tour invites people to celebrate Architecture of Old Tuxedo.

The celebration will take place from 10 to 4 on September 16. All guests of the holiday will be able to see some old impressive houses of Old Tuxedo.

The program will consist of a survey of 5 houses that were built from 1929 to 2004. Review of the art gallery, which was built in the 1050's will also be in the program. Home Tour celebration will begin from this gallery.

The Director & CEO of the Winnipeg Art Gallery looks forward to this holiday and says that this is the greatest opportunity for the residents of the city to get acquainted with the architecture of the last century and to look inside the houses that were built about 50-100 years ago.

Tickets for the holiday cost $40 and everyone can buy them personally or online. Hurry up, the number of tickets is limited. The main goal of the holiday is the maintenance of art exhibitions, education, and acquaintance of people with the beautiful creations of the architects of the last century.

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