Essential tips on how to make it easier to return to school

Essential tips on how to make it easier to return to school

Experts share tips on how to facilitate the process of adaptation to school in September.

The beginning of September for many parents and children is a very difficult time. However, there are several ways to facilitate the return of the child to school according to experts from Winnipeg.

Maureen Dennis, a children expert from Winnipeg, said that parents should make some changes in their lives and in the lives of children.

First of all, parents should teach their children to pack their lunches. This will help children eat with more desire and much healthier food because their meals will be made from foods that they eat at home. For this children can use foods from previous dishes, or useful snacks. Children can pack everything in food containers.

Secondly, if to stock up the foods in advance, children will be able to prepare their meals during the week and parents will not need to spend extra time on food and cooking. They will be able to use this time for their own needs.

The third tip is to agree with the children to go to bed a little earlier. If children are teenagers, before going to bed, you can motivate them to read the book, instead of playing computer games or surfing the net.

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