Legalization of marijuana posed an acute issue of smoking in universities

Legalization of marijuana posed an acute issue of smoking in universities

Will it be possible to smoke cannabis in dormitories? The discussions continue.

At the moment smoking marijuana is officially prohibited, but in the autumn the ban will be canceled. Accordingly, the residents of Manitoba have a lot of questions, as well as positive and negative comments on this situation.

The problem associated with possible smoking in universities and campuses is especially relevant. Smoking in multi-apartment complexes is also discussed.

Politics of educational institutions is to exclude the possibility of smoking weed in their territories and buildings. However, the president of the student union expressed his thoughts and stated that he is extremely disappointed, and he wants to change the situation.

In his statement, it was said that students live in campuses up to 8 months a year and do not have an opportunity to smoke at home where it is officially allowed.

He also said that alcohol is allowed in certain places on the territory of the university. Accordingly, he does not see a problem to allocate such a place for smoking marijuana.

According to statistics, about one-third of undergraduates like smoking weed from time to time, and the president of the University of Manitoba is considering the idea of creating foods containing cannabis. He also believes that separate territories should be created for use of weed, along with alcohol.

Representatives of Winnipeg and Brandon Universities have not reported their decisions yet.

MORE NEWS:The Government of Manitoba is launching an educational program on cannabis for the inhabitants of the province

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