Man on meth damages cars and brake windows

Man on meth damages cars and brake windows

Methamphetamine consumption has a different effect on people, some sleep or play video games and act somewhat peaceful and quiet, but some individuals are getting angry and agitated. Monday morning incident in Winnipeg had a very angry meth junkie and a damaged property.

Winnipeg police responded to a call about a man on the roof of one of the buildings on William Avenue. When arrived at the scene, officers found a male on the roof of the building, he was acting weird, running left and right and throwing bricks from a chimney to the street.

Police officers tried to talk to a man, negotiate and asked him to calm down, to get down to the street, but he wasn’t responding, also he started throwing bricks trying hit officers. A man was showing signs of methamphetamine consumption.

Crisis negotiators and Fire Paramedics were called at the scene. The incident turned into a seven-hour standoff with several officers getting almost hit a few times. At some point, a man wanted to jump to another building’s roof while screaming and throwing stones and bricks to cars and windows. Two vehicles were damaged and three residential windows were broken.

Finally, a man was brought down and arrested. Now he is remaining in custody and facing multiple charges from assault with a weapon to methamphetamine consumption. A man was identified as Christopher Robert Baron, 40-year-old citizen of Winnipeg.

Unfortunately, such meth-related anger incidents are not the first in Winnipeg, just last week a man on meth threw a full-size barbeque propane tank into a police cruiser that was parked on the street with the RCMP officers inside on the passenger street.

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