Restoration of the broken railway continues

Restoration of the broken railway continues

The broken rail line to Churchill has the new owner and it is being repaired very actively to return the opportunity to move from the city and to it.

In northern Manitoba the restoration of the broken railway continues. At the moment it is known that the work is carried out every day but there is no official information on the completion dates.

The flood in 2017 washed out more than 20 sections of the railway located in northern Manitoba. The railway was the only way how provision could get to Churchill. Accordingly, the costs of delivery and product transportation have increased significantly over the past year because it can be done only by ship.

Recently, the province stated that the railway was sold and Arctic Gateway Group is the new owner. Arctic Gateway Group is a private-public partnership that consists of several large enterprises.

The former owner of this railway made an official statement and said that he would not conduct repair works because in his opinion the expenses would exceed income in the result. He also added that the railway practically had not brought any income for many years.

The new owner said that he planned to complete all repairs before the onset of winter cold and before low temperatures. However, the work is carried out very slowly, and at the moment he can not predict the exact date when the railroad starts its work again after the break.

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