Jordan's Principle helped many families

Jordan's Principle helped many families

Jordan's Principle got a lot of indigenous families together to discuss a very important question concerning indigenous children.

The summit brought together a lot of people, some shared their experiences and told how Jordan's Principle helped their families and children.

More than 1,000 people gathered on Wednesday to discuss such an important problem as getting the necessary medical care for the indigenous population. Unfortunately, the majority of the indigenous residents complained that they and their children can not receive medical services on an equal basis with the rest of the inhabitants of Canada.

A mother for whom the problem is particularly relevant because her son is very sick shared her story at the summit:

Bernadette Sumner. The woman said that her son was born with achondroplasia leads to dwarfism. Her child can not live without a wheelchair and the woman had to put a lot of effort and to spend a lot of time to get medical help for her son. The child needs a special bed and some other items that she could not get on her own. Jordan's Principle gave her family a great help.

Despite the fact that the movement supporting the Jordanian principle was supported in 2007, discrimination against the indigenous population of Canada still occurs. In 2016 this issue was again brought up for consideration and the government agreed that it is necessary to expand the rights of indigenous people.

Jordan's Principle is sure that if the government can allocate more than 4 billion dollars for the construction of a new water pipe, then it is able to allocate money for Indigenous children needs.

Jordan's Principle carries its name in honor of the boy, who was 5 years old and who died in the hospital because the government could not solve the question of paying for his medical services.

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