The teacher who sexually abused an 8-year-old girl was found guilty

The teacher who sexually abused an 8-year-old girl was found guilty

On Thursday the case against a schoolteacher who was accused of sexual harassment of an 8-year-old child several years ago was heard in court.

The girl testified against the teacher, and gave evidence. Her words fully coincided with the story she told the police two years ago.

In June 2014, after the testimony given by the girl and her mother, the man was detained. Remi Dallaire was charged with the following changes: sexual assault, sexual interference, an invitation to sexual touching and making sexually explicit material available to a child.

Despite the seriousness of the accusations, the teacher completely refuted them. His lawyer also completely refuted all charges and fully supported the innocence of his client.

A few days before the trial, a 10-year-old girl showed the judge from Manitoba the graphic evidence that was made in 2016. The girl pointed to a purple bottle with a lubricant, which, after her words, was found in the teacher's house.

However, a number of facts were not challenged by the defense, for example, a joint overnight stay of the teacher with the girl and a large amount of time spent together.

The girl's mother testified and confessed that her family was close to the man, they lived next door and the teacher accompanied her children to school and looked after them while the woman was at work from time to time. He gave them gifts and took to walk during their free time.

When the girl's lawyer asked the man to tell about one of their joint overnights, the man did not deny that the girl slept absolutely naked in his bed. However, the man tried to explain that by saying that the girl slept naked solely because she had wet the bed and he never touched her.

The girl's mother confessed that she had plans to have a relationship with the teacher, but she was greatly embarrassed by his request to bring the daughter to the room during one of the nights they spent together.

Later, the man admitted that he did not plan to start a new relationship because he recently experienced a breakup with his girlfriend. The defendant's lawyer suggested that the woman used her daughter as a way to get close to a man.

The mother denied everything and showed the texts that she and the man sent to each other. Those texts fully confirm her words.

The teacher was found guilty.

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Remi Dallaire sexual harassment court
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