Deadly crash near Winnipeg

Deadly crash near Winnipeg

Despite all the speed limits and regulations, also the highest speeding fines throughout the country, car crashes and accidents caused by speeding is not a rare case in Manitoba. Many of them, unfortunately, have a lethal outcome.

Just Friday evening a two-vehicle accident involving speeding had one driver killed another one seriously injured.

The crash happened near Teulon, RCMP was called to a collision location between 8 and 9 p.m. When arrived at the scene, officers found two cars in a head-on crash. One of the drivers was traveling an eastbound and collided with another driver, going westbound.

Both drivers were delivered to a hospital, but shortly after one of them died, a 69-year old man. Police arrested the second driver, a 27-year-old man from Inwood for impaired driving causing death. He is still in the hospital under the doctor's supervision, his condition is serious, but stable and non-life threatening. Police are still investigating the crash and possible reason for what happened.

Just a day before this crash, another accident happened in Winnipeg, caused by speeding. Two pedestrians were hit by a car on Santa Fe Drive and sent to a nearby hospital in serious condition.

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