Linden Woods residents want answers

Linden Woods residents want answers

Did you ever ask yourself, who is responsible for road cleaning in your place of residence? Do you pay attention to the road drainage system where you live? Well, you should!

The main purpose of a road drainage system is to remove the water from the road itself and its surroundings. But there is no way for that system to do what it was designed to do if it gets blocked by leaves and garbage and nobody there to do the cleaning when needed.

Residents of the Linden Woods, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Winnipeg, are certainly not happy with a road cleaning service in their area. As can be seen from the picture, the drainage is clogged with a bunch of tree leaves which results in water not going down, but instead, it stays on the road. That can be a serious safety hazard while driving or walking around the area.

Last week September 12th a hurricane with the heavy rains hit the city, some of Winnipeg neighborhoods got it more than others, but Linden Woods were among few where water reached the level of about 40 centimeters. That clearly is a dangerous situation for anybody to walk outside, especially kids.

So please pay attention to the raid drainage systems on the streets where you live or work, if clogged or blocked, please contact local authorities to do their job and fix the problem.

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