Fuel from derailed locomotive got into the river

Fuel from derailed locomotive got into the river

Clean water in the river is under threat: fuel from the derailed locomotive flows into the Metishto river.

On Saturday the train got off the rails. According to official data, one worker died as a result of this incident.

However, the negative consequences of the incident have continued to occur. As it became known, fuel from the train flows into the river and pollutes the water.

The provincial government reported that special equipment for cleaning from the fuel has already been used in some parts of the leak.

Gasoline, liquid propane gas and butane were among fuels that the train was carrying, but there is no exact information on their leakage yet.

Also, we want to remind that one more person got big traumas as a result of the crash and he is in the hospital. His condition is not known at the moment.

Once the use of this section of the railway is considered safe, traffic on it will be restored. Arctic Gateway Group became the new owner of the Hudson Bay Railway about a month ago, and it values its reputation very much, so the company will do its best to fix the malfunction and all the consequences of the train crash as soon as possible.

The previous owner preferred not to repair the railway rails because in his opinion the railway had worked at a loss for many years.

This railway is the only way to get to Churchill, so it will be repaired in the shortest terms.

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