Canada residents will fasten seatbelts in buses

Canada residents will fasten seatbelts in buses

Starting from the autumn of 2020, all buses will be equipped with seatbelts.

After the tragedy that occurred in the spring of 2018, when the bus with the hockey team got into an accident, the parents of the dead hockey players began to actively ask the government to make changes in the law and to oblige all passengers to fasten their seatbelts while travelling by bus.

Several parents made posts on their social networks and they created the hashtag #buckleupforthebroncos. They wrote that if such a country as Great Britain and some other European countries made it possible to change the traffic laws, then Canada can also do it.

Transport Canada made an official statement and announced that they will require the presence of seatbelts in all buses by the fall of 2020, and starting from that time all passengers should fasten them each time while travelling somewhere.

Some new buses are already equipped with seatbelts, but drivers do not always manage to see how passengers behave and whether they are fastened or not, especially when the speech is about sports teams.

The use of seatbelts is mandatory for many provinces of Canada, and drivers adhere to these rules. However, as practice shows, passengers do not always fasten their seatbelts. T he police are trying to actively combat the situation.

The provincial government believes that it is a matter of habit and people can be taught to fasten seatbelts not only in their private cars but also when they travel using public transport.

The head coach of the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns women’s rugby team noted that he always fastens his seatbelt while going somewhere in the bus with the team. He also said that he tries to make all the players from her team do the same in honor of the Broncos.

This decision was supported by the majority of the provincial trainers, as well as by the administration of many schools.

Thus the Government of Canada hopes to protect residents and to reduce the likelihood of death in accidents on the roads of the country.

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