Jenny Motkaluk is going to change the city’s 311 service

Jenny Motkaluk is going to change the city’s 311 service

Jenny Motkaluk said that if she becomes a new Winnipeg mayor, the first step that she is going to do is to change the city’s 311 service. The Mayoral candidate announced this on Tuesday morning.

More than 60,000 calls were made on line 311 in August. The candidate said that her goal is to make some changes that will allow residents of the city to receive more detailed information on their issue. All people will be directed to the appropriate department where special call centre workers will answer their questions.

First of all, the level of importance of the issue will be determined, and then the person will get information from a specialist who possesses it.

In her opinion, these changes will help reduce the waiting time for an answer, because at the moment a person can spend up to 40 minutes to contact a specialist and to receive an answer to his question.

Motkaluk also added that additional money will not be allocated for these changes.

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