Letters to God turned into a book to a future husband

Letters to God turned into a book to a future husband

The girl wrote letters to her future husband, and after she met him, she collected them in a book.

It all started in 2013 when Reese Nevis was 22. At that moment she was not married, and she wanted to find her soulmate.

She decided to write letters. Firstly, they were like prayerful letters to God. But after a while, her letters turned into letters to her future husband. The girl wrote about everything. She wrote about what her future spouse should be, what qualities and characteristics he should have, and so on.

One of the necessary qualities was to be a believer in Christ and a prayer warrior.

She never indicated who profession her future husband should have, but after 4 years of writing, she married a defensive tackle of Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Her husband name is Drake Nevis.

After the wedding, Reese gave him letters to read, and the guy was amazed by the fact that the character from her creations was so similar to him.

After a while, Reese Nevis decided to create a book with her letters to make all women in the world know her story. She also wanted to make them understand that they will find their soulmates without any doubts.

The book is called To My Future Husband, and it consists of 34 letters. Furthermore, she left blank pages in her book, so that women can supplement it and write their thoughts and letters for their future fiancées in it.

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To My Future Husband prayerful letters Reese Nevis
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