The investigation on connection between MMIWG and child welfare continue

The investigation on connection between MMIWG and child welfare continue

Cora Morgan, a famous lawyer, is going to testify about missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls on Monday.

She informed that two of her clients were killed during the past several years and she sees a direct connection between MMIWG and child welfare. Morgan also noted that she faces Indigenous people who ask for help and wants to get back their children from Child and Family Services.

The Chief Commissioner also stated that it is not the first time when she is told about such cases, and she is concerned not less than the lawyer. In the opinion of the Commissioner, all sorts of problems that end very sadly arise after the children of the indigenous population enter the social security system.

Seven experts will attend the court hearing and express their opinion. According to the report, which was released last week, about 80% of children that are in care of Child and Family Services are Indigenous children.

Morgan noted that the reality is rather sad because women and girls who were killed or missing were on social security.

Fonessa Bruyere, 17, was found dead in 2007. This happened a month after the girl was thrown away from her group home. After 2 years, in 2009, two Fonessa’s friends suffered the same fate.

Morgan argues that these three deaths are far from all deaths that occurred in connection with the social security system. She also informed that more than 15 mothers committed suicide because they could not return their children and asked to add to the record.

This is the second hearing on this issue.

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