Woman found guilty for paying a hitman

Woman found guilty for paying a hitman

Some murder cases a going for years, due to lack of evidence and complicated detail. One of such cases sparked an international manhunt and took 13 years for a conviction of the person who hired a hitman.

Back in September of 2005, a married couple was walking through the streets of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico, when a man attacked them and killed a husband, leaving crying and calling for help wife on the ground, covered in his blood. A man was stabbed multiple times and hit in the head, he died of received injuries. At first sight, it appeared as an attempted robbery gone wrong, but later more details surfaced and the incident didn’t look that simple anymore.

A victim was Winnipeg born Canadian citizen Adam Anhang, a wealthy real estate developer, and he was killed just 12 hours after he had asked for a divorce. Just six months after the murder, the wife Aurea Vazquez Rijos sued her late husband’s parents for $1 million in damages and $8 million from his estate, and then she left for Italy. In Italy she falsified document to prove she was Jewish, looking to move to Israel.

Six years later, in June of 2013 Rijos was arrested in Italy, she and her 1-month-old baby were later extradited to Puerto Rico. The case was taken to a Federal Court and she was found guilty of contracting a killer and paying him $3 million for killing her husband, so he wouldn’t divorce her. She was afraid to stay with nothing due to a prenup one day before getting married.

A killer was arrested in 2010 and pleaded guilty of taking the money from Rijos and murdering her husband. Alex Pabon Colon had testified against her in court and helped to make a case against Rijos.

Aurea Vazquez Rijos will be sentenced in court in January of 2019 and expected to serve a life sentence for what she did to her husband.

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