A new campaign Save 100 is going to reduce the number of deaths on the roads

A new campaign Save 100 is going to reduce the number of deaths on the roads

The statistics are pretty sad: 100 people die on the roads of Manitoba every year.

Manitoba Public Insurance launched a new public awareness campaign Save 100 on Wednesday at Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute.

The project, which began with provocative billboards that appeared before the official launch, aims to attract motorists to invest in road safety. Fatal accidents have led to the death of approximately 100 people per year over the last decade.

The vice president of communications of MPI told in his statement that many Manitoba people have become less susceptible to death as a result of road accidents, especially if they have no personal connection with the victim.

However, the reality is that every person who died as a result of a car crash during the past decade had a personal connection with someone for whom his life had a big meaning.

The initiative is based on the Road to Zero safety plan 2017–20, that was launched last year. It has goals for better coordination of research and road planning between agencies, increased safety for vulnerable drivers through smarter road projects, and reduced impaired and distracting driving through increased public awareness of road safety.

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