Plan your visit to the doctor`s office

Plan your visit to the doctor`s office
Plan your visit to the doctor`s office, photo-1

Everyone wants to be healthy and feel good! We all know what to do, eat healthy, try moving more, do sport… But still, we have to see a doctor for a regular checkup just to make everything is ok.

I prefer my doctor`s visit to go smooth and fast, so I call in advance, set up an appointment, plan my travel time and other, so I can be in and out, on my way with the daily routine. But if you are going to the Charleswood Physiotherapy on 1020 Lorimer Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3P 0Z8 be prepared that you might have to walk for a good 10 minutes from your vehicle. Sterling Lyon Pediatrics and pharmacy are at the same address.

The parking lot is completely full and other cars have to park on the street. As shown in the photos there are about 80 vehicles parked along the street and people are just walking on the road to get to the doctor. It is such a waste of time and could be a safety issue, counting the passing by vehicles.

This is not how I imagine easy checkup, looks a bit stressful and time-consuming. Fellow Winnipeggers, plan in advance and leave early, so you will be on time for your appointment.

Go Jets Go!
Winnipeg hospital full parking lot
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