New russian chanson night at the "Crown"

New russian chanson night at the "Crown"

On October 9, Chanson Parade will take place in the Crown restaurant. Famous artists of the genre will be attending and performing on stage, such as Vladimir Chernyakov, Michael Sheleg, and Eva Amurova will take part.

Singer and musician Vladimir Chernyakov wrote more than three hundred compositions, and about a third of them - for other performers. His songs were included in the repertoire of such performers as Katya Ogonek, Natalya Sturm, Petlyura, Oksana Orlova, Marina Aleksandrova, Tanya Tishinskaya, etc.

Mikhail Sheleg (September 27, 1955) - russian singer, poet, writer, musician, composer, arranger, author and performer of russian chanson. Winner of the Chanson of the Year Awards. His partners in the scene at different times were the rock bands “Augustus”, “Aquarium”, “Brigade S”, “AuktsYon”, “DDT”, and “Picnic”. During his creative career, he has released several solo albums. In addition, his songs were repeatedly included in song chanson assemblies. The songs of Mikhail Sheleg were performed by Gera Grach, Alexander Marshal, Olga Orlova, Katya Ogonek, Natalya Sturm and other well-known performers among the fans of russian chanson.

Eva Amurova the winner of numerous vocal competitions and festivals in Russia and abroad. Discography: a solo album “In Memory of Kati Ogonyok”, a disc recorded in a duet with Vladimir Chernyakov. Hobbies: creating concert costumes.

So if you are a fan, make reservations and come over on October 9th.

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