Raising money turned into a family business

Raising money turned into a family business

Red Road Clothing became a real family business for Crissy Slater and her children.

Crissy Slater notes that Red Road Clothing became extremely popular.

The woman has 5 children and she lives quite poorly. However, Crissy wanted to give her 17-year-old daughter those opportunities that she herself did not have in life — she wanted to send a girl to Italy. For this, the woman decided to organize a fundraising.

The woman came up with the original drawings, and she made T-shirts and hoodies with her drawings. Crissy began to sell them using her Facebook account. She did not even believe her luck: in a month all the clothes were sold and the woman earned $20,000.

Her design is called Berry Fast and it shows her life way. As it was conceived by a woman, it should teach people empathy and how to give up something for another person, especially when becoming a mother.

The woman admitted that she lives for the sake of her children and all that she does is for them. Initially, the woman thought that having sold the first batch of clothes, she would not continue. However, a month later, all her clients and friends began to tell her that she should release more T-shirts and hoodies because they are so popular.

This was the beginning of a family business.

Now a woman has4 designs in her collection. The most popular is Under the Moon. It is dedicated to all missing Indigenous women and girls. The design shows Crissy with her two daughters. The woman left her previous job and now is fully engaged in a family business and all her children actively help her.

Ariel Spence, her 17-year-old daughter, has 10% of the company. The woman is very proud of her daughter and wants to give her the best future.

The girl says that her mother is the most important example in her life, and she will help and support her in the future by all means.

Now the family is preparing the 5th collection, which should be released before Christmas.

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Crissy Slater Red Road Clothing family business
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