A new application can help residents of Manitoba get home delivery of cannabis

A new application can help residents of Manitoba get home delivery of cannabis

It is possible that a mobile application will appear in the city that will deliver cannabis to customers.

It is called Save the Drive and it will work on the principle of Skip the Dishes: a person uses his mobile phone to make an order and after a while he receives it at his home.

However, for now, there are a lot of questions to this application, especially whether everything will work according to the law.

Due to the rules of the province, only one of the official sellers of marijuana will be able to have an online store where it will be possible to buy weed. However, the developers of the application report that they will not position it as an online store, and only as a delivery service. They will not have any agreements with stores and will not receive any money for the order. They will just get $7 for delivery.

Chanel Graham, the developer of the app, informed that there will be up to 20 drivers at the time when the legalization will take place. Graham also said that the service is going to work in six cities.

It is still unknown how the goods will be paid. The answer to this question will be given when Graham understands the volumes of the future business.

We also want to remind you that in case of confirmation of the operation of this application, couriers will be required to check clients' documents, because they must be over 19 years old.

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Save the Drive cannabis application
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