Winnipeggers protest against discrimination

Winnipeggers protest against discrimination

Winnipeg residents protested against discrimination on Wednesday.

Winnipeggers said that there is a loophole in the Human Rights Code that gives place for discrimination.

The Manitobans Against Weight Stigma got together at the Manitoba Legislative Building to say their opinion. They want the government to amend the human rights code and to add the additional clause “physical size or weight”.

These amendments to the bill are of great importance for a large number of people because they face discrimination on a daily basis due to their weight. Even if people are overweight, it should not prevent them from getting a dream job, and also should not allow other people to think that they are unwell or are eating unhealthy foods.

The Manitobans Against Weight Stigma believes that it is time to put an end to existing stereotypes. They do not intend to tolerate any more discrimination and humiliation due to their weight.

Unfortunately, about a year ago the government rejected the bill, which caused Lindsey Mazer to be very disappointed. A woman is a nutritionist and helps many women eat healthy and change their lives and bodies for the better. She is also the organizer of this event.

Lindsey Mazer faces discrimination on a daily basis and wants to protect other people from similar things in the future.

The decision will be made in late October. 

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