Flu vaccination helps save lives

Flu vaccination helps save lives

Manitoba's health care system asks people not to neglect flu vaccination this season.

Last year, the province recorded the highest number of people killed by the flu. There were also a maximum number of people who were hospitalized due to this disease. In this regard, the provincial doctors strongly recommend all residents to use a vaccine.

As statistics show, only about 20% of the province’s population made the vaccination last year. According to doctors, the more people will be safe from a possible illness, the better will be the indicators in general and the fewer deaths will be recorded in the result.

Small children and old people are most affected. Residents of the province should also be aware that the vaccine will not fully protect against the disease because the virus mutates annually and the vaccine is not all-powerful. However, it can reduce the likelihood of illness.

The Southern Hemisphere can be the indicator of the virus that will be most more common this year. So, this season the country will deal with an H1N1 dominant, last year it was H3N2. Last year's virus was less exposed to the vaccine, which resulted in such a large number of deaths.

Provincial doctors also recommend making vaccination in advance, as it will take time until the vaccine begins to work in the body. Very often people start taking action when the virus is already in the city, or when it has already got into their body. In such a situation, the use of these measures may be ineffective.

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You should also pay attention to the fact that even if you are not at risk, but you contact those categories of people who are in the risk groups, it is recommended to make a vaccination for protecting the health.

Residents of the province older than 6 months can get the vaccine absolutely free. At the moment, additional information, as well as a vaccine, can be obtained from doctors in the city’s hospitals, as well as in some pharmacies. Immunization clinics will soon appear in the provincial cities.  

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