WRHA cannabis policy for employees

WRHA cannabis policy for employees

Cannabis is coming, it is already here and in just a couple of days it will be legal and sold in the stores and online. People are still debating if it is good for Canada, what effect will it have on the youth and if it was the right decision to legalize it, we have to face the fact – cannabis is legal. Cannabis legalization is coming to Canada on Oct. 17, and whether you plan on smoking up or not, it’ll change the way you live. Businesses across the country, from growers and retailers to the tech and tourism sectors, are preparing to reap a windfall from legal marijuana. But Canadians also face difficult questions about cannabis use in the workplace, in their homes and among their friends and loved ones. 

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has set out their rules for employees when it comes to cannabis.

The health authority released their policy, it specifies some key rules for employees:

•          Employees can’t possess cannabis in the workplace, even if they don’t plan on using it.

•          Employees can’t purchase cannabis during a break and store it in the workplace until the end of their shift.

•          Employees are encouraged to tell a manager if they believe themselves or a co-worker is high on the job.

Since it is only a couple of days until cannabis will be legal to sell and purchase in the stores and online in Canada, stores already opened up throughout Manitoba cities, like Winnipeg. For now, they are just preparing and providing information to those who are interested, but in a few days, October 17th anyone over 18 with the ID will be able to just walk in the store and buy the product.

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