Teen saved from a burning car

Teen saved from a burning car

Friday, October 12th was just an ordinary day for the co-owner of a fertilizer and weed company Dillon Vincent. Dillon was leaving a job site when he spotted a vehicle off the road and the fire was starting. He rushed towards the vehicle to check if everyone is alright if anybody needed help.

It happened approximately at 2 p.m. near the intersection of Plessis Road and Dawson Road South. Dillon got closer to the vehicle and saw a driver that was stuck inside the car. Without any hesitation, he ran to help and tried to get the drive out to save him. The flames were getting higher and the temperature rising, the smoke aground was making it hard to breathe, but that didn’t stop Dillon from getting the teenager driver from the car, just minutes before it bust inflames. As he said, the fire got all over the vehicle and it was hardly visible because of high flames.

All seven teens in the vehicle were taken to a nearby hospital, including one by air, police told Global News. As of Saturday afternoon, police said just three kids, including the driver, remain in hospital in stable condition.

Dillon also said he really couldn’t sleep all night after that, he was thinking about the teens from that car and was really glad when finding out the next day that they are getting better. 

The investigation still continues, police officers and crash reconstructionists are working at the crash site to understand what had caused such incident and what led to the crash. Police are looking for any witnesses of the crash, possibly some driving by vehicles had a dash cam that might record the accident or any details driving by the crash site. If you have any information about what happened near the intersection of Plessis Road and Dawson Road South, please contact the local police department just by calling it in or stop by for a statement. 

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