Know My Cannabis Limits campaign informs residents of the province about cannabis use

Know My Cannabis Limits campaign informs residents of the province about cannabis use

There are only a few days left before legalization, and residents of the province continue to receive information on cannabis use.

This information is distributed as part of the Know My Cannabis Limits campaign. This campaign tells people how to use cannabis without harm to health, within the framework of the law and intends to increase people's understanding of their responsibility.

Some main campaign areas:

People should refrain from smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol at the same time, a person needs to choose either the first or the second option;

It is not recommended to try cannabis just because this becomes legal;

It is worthwhile to pay attention to edible products containing cannabis; the effect may come after a while, so a person should not consume large quantities.

These precautions apply to those who intend to cook any food containing cannabis at home, since eatable products will not become legal after October 17.

According to a recent survey, about 20% of provincial residents said that they had tried cannabis over the past year, and about 20% said they have never tried it, but they are going to do it after legalization.

This campaign involves various information resources: social networks, billboards, public transport and advertising posters in the most popular places.

The government also plans to extend the ban on smoking in public places. This is necessary in order not to contribute to cannabis popularization among the population.

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