The first fine for using cannabis in a car has already been issued

The first fine for using cannabis in a car has already been issued

Winnipeg Police reported that on Wednesday morning the first fine for breaking the law was written.

A person received a fine of 672 dollars.

The police want to remind people that cannabis smoking is officially allowed in the country, however, it is not allowed in all places. For example, smoking in a car violates the law, the same as drinking of alcohol in a car.

A representative of the police service said it was very important for people to be explained and to be informed about everything that is associated with innovations in the country. They should not only receive fines but also know and understand why they received them, so as not to repeat a similar situation in the future.

Law enforcement officials in Halifax reported that they were handing out to people who smoked brochures with information to raise their awareness. as it became known, on Wednesday they did not issue a single fine.

Rules on smoking bans in public places began to work on Monday, and the police received over 20 calls reporting violations.

To avoid getting a fine, and to use cannabis within the law, all residents of the city are advised to take this issue more seriously and study all the necessary information. At the moment, the country has developed several training programs, and all the necessary data can be found on the Internet.

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Winnipeg Police cannabis smoking fine for breaking the law
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