Winnipegger missing

Winnipegger missing

A missing person is always a tragedy for the family and friends. People have no rest, can’t sleep peacefully, when a family member is not at safely home.

Winnipeg Police are searching for a missing Winnipegger. Officers said Peter Wasyliw was last seen in the West End of Winnipeg in early October. A 56-year-old man is described as 5’11”, of average build with brown hair, he may also have a dark beard.

Police are asking for a public help to locate a missing person if you have any useful information about Wasyliw`s whereabouts. If you had seen or talked to him since the beginning of October, please contact your local police department or contact the Missing Persons Unit at 204-986-6250. 

Fellow Winnipeggers, lets help with what we can to locate a missing man, he may be your friend, neighbor or nobody to you, but he is one of us, citizens of Winnipeg. 

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