$1 million lottery win

$1 million lottery win

Everyone dreams of hitting a lottery jackpot, but not everyone even tries and buy lottery tickets. Life is full of surprises, not always good ones, but sometimes it's just your lucky day!

Bradley Houston said he had to check his winning lottery ticket a number of times before reality set in. On Tuesday, October 23rd the winning ticked played its part and now we have 1 more millionaire in Winnipeg.

Houston couldn’t really believe his luck, “I called a couple of buddies to come and look at the ticket with me. I’ve never won a million dollars before – I had no idea what to do with myself.” Houston, who recently retired, said he purchased his winning ticket at the lottery kiosk in Grant Park Shopping Centre on Sept. 28.

Now he has to calm down and really plan what to do with his winnings, he said, he was planning to get a boat and possibly move back to his hometown, Pine Falls. In any case, he has to be careful and consider all the options to not end up with nothing after winning a million. So keep believing and play the lottery, maybe today is your lucky day! 

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Winnipeg lottery win Bradley Houston
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