Leaders of the election race for the mayor's seat held the latest campaign activities

Leaders of the election race for the mayor's seat held the latest campaign activities

While the residents of Winnipeg go to the polling stations, the mayoral candidates have the last chance to talk with the voters and influence their opinion.

Of the eight candidates for this post, two are considered public opinion leaders - current mayor Brian Bowman and his main rival, Jenny Motkaluk. They conducted the latest activities of their election campaign and expressed an opinion on the election.

Acting Mayor Bowman conducted a tour of all Winnipeg civic wards on the last day. He wants to get the post of mayor for a second term in a row and shared the features of this year’s election campaign. According to him, some candidates were distinguished by aggressiveness and negativity in their campaigns, but not him. He and his team conducted their campaign exactly as they wanted. He noted that he intends to continue to do for the city what he did before and is pleased to have the opportunity to convey this message to voters.

The main opponent of Bowman, Jenny Motkaluk, held the last event in the office of her election campaign. She expressed her gratitude to the current mayor for the work done but she believes that the time has come for a change. She doubts the leadership qualities of Bowman and that is why she decided to take part in the election race. She promises to unite all the inhabitants of Winnipeg and be a stronger leader. Motkaluk stated that her entire campaign was aimed at showing this to all Winnipeggers.

It should be noted that both leaders of the election race have radically different positions on some important aspects of the life and development of the city. One of them is a property tax. Bowman proposes to keep it at 2.33% per year and spend most of the funds received for road repairs. Motkaluk proposes to raise it every year.

The program of which candidate is more liked by the residents will be decided at polling stations on Wednesday from 8 am to 8 pm.

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