Parking lot theft

Parking lot theft

Crime level is on the rise for the last couple of years throughout Canada and in Winnipeg as well. As per Winnipeg Police, most of small crimes and theft happens during the night, when fewer people on the streets, meaning fewer witnesses. But some criminals really do not care about that, they don’t care if anyone will see them and will be able to identify later, some of them are on drugs, under meth influence and just looking for easy money for a quick fix.

Yesterday, October 29th in the middle of the day approximately 3 p.m. at least three vehicles were broken into. At the parking lot with dozens of car, near Best Buy store on Saint James Street people saw a man smashing the windows of few of the cars, witnesses started yelling at him and asking to stop.

Right before smashing a window of the next vehicle, criminal noticed few people around questioning what he was doing and screaming for help, he stopped, slowly took all personal things from the vehicles, he previously broke windows at and walked away with no rush.

Scary thing is that this happened in the middle of the day and criminal seemed to do not really care about a couple of witnesses or anybody else around.

As of now, there is no information from the police about the suspect, no arrest was made, the investigation still ongoing. 

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