Men high on drugs walked into a store with a gun

Men high on drugs walked into a store with a gun

A man arrested in Morris for bringing an object that looked like a gun into a store.

A male suspect walked in one of the stores on the Main Street, he was behaving erratically and the employees suspected him to be high on drugs. His behaviour appeared to be strange, he was definitely impaired by something, like drugs or other.

One of the store employees asked a man to wait in the office and called the police, the store was evacuated and only after that police got inside and arrested him. A 30-year-old man now remains in RCMP custody.

Later police officers identified seized object as an airsoft BB gun, but it really looked a lot like a real gun and still presented a danger to people around. Thankfully nobody got injured and a man was arrested without any problems or property damage. The investigation is still pending, the police are working with the detainee to find out the reasons that brought him to the store with a BB gun. 

The official statement from police will be presented after the investigation is closed and charges are brought up officially. If you have any useful information about the suspect or witnessed the incident, please contact the local police department.