The Nutcracker Ballet Goes to Winnipeg

The Nutcracker Ballet Goes to Winnipeg

The Great Russian Nutcracker will be in Winnipeg on November 23 with just one show. Do not miss!

Pay special attention to the wings, the hero personifies the dove of peace. This is a new interpretation of the plot of the famous ballet. Dove is a multicultural symbol of purity, peace, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. This performance unites the gap between the cultures of the world, gives an understanding of peaceful coexistence in the country of Peace and Harmony.

The American producer of the Moscow ballet characterizes the dove of peace as a peace agreement of countries at the height of the conflict.

The world's largest ballet tour of human rights. The ballet features an acrobatic duet unique to Moscow ballet, - the producer noted.

The main dancer of the Bolshoi Ballet, Stanislav Vlasov, who was the choreographer of the first Moscow ballet, the Great Russian Nutcracker of 1993, will play the role of the dove of peace.

The dove of peace is calling for Masha and her Prince Nutcracker to an exciting adventure to the land of Peace and Harmony. The premiere of the ballet took place in 2012.

The play shows the dances of the peoples of the world. Spanish, Arab, French and Russian couples acquaint the viewer with the magnificent dances of their countries, the spirit of the country's heritage, and the accompanying puppets symbolize the attributes of the country of dance.

The Spanish bull symbolizes the gift of courage, the Arab elephant - the gift of wisdom, the Russian bear shows strength and protection, and the French unicorn symbolizes imagination and fantasy.

The tour is unique in its collaboration with local dance studios and ballet schools. Moscow ballet offers the children of Canada and the United States the opportunity to dance with professional dancers on the big stage in real performances. Children play the role of mice, snowflakes, as well as children - guests. To be able to dance, children need to pass the casting. Every year more than 9000 children come to show their dancing skills. Children's roles symbolize purity, unity, they become ambassadors of peace among people of different cultures.

Moscow ballet annually comes to North America with famous performances of The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella and more.

In the program Musical Wunderkind, young musicians have the opportunity to use their musical instrument on stage in world-class performances, as they accompany the Russian dancer. Moscow Ballet is also known for charitable help to hospitals, children's museums and children's institutions.

The organizers of this cultural event invite all residents of the city to plunge into the New Year's fairy tale atmosphere together with their families, to give themselves and their families a holiday that will remain in memory forever.

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