Harte Trail Women's Running Group is ready to start

Harte Trail Women's Running Group is ready to start

Harte Trail Women's Running Group is going to start after several sexual assaults on Harte Trail.

This group was created so that women are not afraid to go to the run because now they can easily find a running mate or even a whole group to train together.

Kathleen Cook decided to organize this group after the woman understood that Harte Trail is no longer safe for her and for other women. The woman speaks on behalf of all other women and says that they should not live in fear and abandon their usual life.

This place is really amazing for running: there is nature around and lots of trees, clean air, no cars and people can enjoy communication with nature. This is why it attracts women for jogging.

Andrea Wicha also likes to run there and she says that first of all because of great nature and silence. Andrea understands Kathleen’s intentions and supports them but personally for her it is more comfortable to run alone. She does not like to speak to somebody while running, she does not listen to music and tries to be closer to nature.

The city police commented on Kathleen’s idea and said that despite the fact that not all crimes can be prevented, it is much better to be safe and to try to minimize all possible risks. The police also made several recommendations for women: to wear bright clothes, not to run in areas without lighting and when it is dark.

The group plans to have organized meetings for running to get things done faster. Then everyone will be able to negotiate online with a person or a group.

The police reported that 2 attacks on women occurred in the area. The first happened on September, 10. After the attack, a 70-year-old man was identified, at the moment he is not in Canada. The second attack took place on October, 26. The 18-year-old boy was arrested and charged with all the necessary charges.

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