A man stabbed on the bus

A man stabbed on the bus

The attack happened approximately at midnight in one of the Winnipeg`s buses.

According to police, the suspect’s first victim was waiting for a bus at Graham Avenue and Edmonton Street when the suspect whipped out a knife and stole his phone and wallet. Ten minutes later, the suspect got on a bus at Graham Avenue and Donald Street, where he again brandished his knife, this time yelling racial slurs at another man.

A 23-year-old man arrested, police said he is responsible for stabbing a passenger on the bus.

“The suspect tried to follow the black male off the bus,” Const. Jay Murray said. “These two bystanders, or witnesses, stand up and essentially block the suspect from continuing.”

The situation was heating up and at some point got out of hand, a man was stabbed and the attacker arrested. A victim was then delivered to a hospital in stable condition, doctors treated his wounds and he is getting better now.

Devon Evan Charles Henderson faces charges for robbery, uttering threats, possessing a weapon and assault with a weapon.

Unfortunately, this is not the first violent attack in the city buses, just last Wednesday, October 31st approximately 4:45 p.m. two intoxicated on alcohol teenagers attacked passengers on a bus route number 18 using a knife.

Witnesses say that both 17-year-old male and 15-year-old female suspects were causing a disturbance bothering passengers and threatening them. When one of the passengers tried to calm them down, teens attacked him punching and applying wounds to his face. The attacked passenger, who turned out to be a local security guard, with the help of another passenger took a knife from a male suspect and handed it over to a driver, witnesses say.