Volkswagen Atlas - European vehicle for North America

Volkswagen Atlas - European vehicle for North America

The VW Atlas is a very spacious 6-7 seater SUV that replaces the VW Touareg, which is no longer sold in North America. Atlas cannot be called a direct descendant, as it is noticeably larger and more impressive. The model was introduced in Los Angeles in November 2016 and entered the dealerships of Canada and the United States in May 2017.

The exterior of the Atlas is fascinating - a stylish and elegant body of a classic SUV, and beautiful front optics, the body looks strictly German. Americans needed such a vehicle for many years. This is a direct competitor of Toyota Highlander - both in price and in terms of convenience, maneuverability, and size. Canadian open spaces and winter roads directly require a large, stable and reliable vehicle with German thoughtfulness and European design.

Atlas interior looks very respectable and thoughtful. The instrument panel is very similar to Audi and other models of the concern and the touch screens fit perfectly into the dashboard. Finishing is made of various materials, both artificial and natural, available in leather, aluminum, wood and plastic.

Dimensions: length 5037 mm, width 1979 mm, and the height of the ceiling inside is surprisingly great. There are three-zone climate control, interior ventilation, heated front seats and the steering wheel, seat ventilation. Also, optionally, you can order an active cruise control that will help you in traffic jams and on the tracks, keeping a distance from the vehicle in front of you. Both rows of rear seats fold easily and compactly, forming a roomy trunk of at least 2,740 liters.

As for the disadvantages, there are quite weak acceleration dynamics and the average noise insulation of the cabin. The advantages - a very soft and comfortable suspension, very smooth gear shifting, excellent handling and build quality.

The engines are only petrol versions of 2 liters (240 hp) and 3.6 liters (280 hp) but equipped with special exhaust filters that meet European standards the drive can be front and full. It is assumed that a hybrid version will appear later.

This model is assembled collected in Chattanooga (Tennessee, USA) and in China, where they are sold under the name of Teramont. The price for all-wheel drive Atlas in the showroom starts at $ 38,500, which is very competitive with other similar vehicles in the same class.