Large fire at oil seed processing plant in St. Boniface

Large fire at oil seed processing plant in St. Boniface

Clubs of black smoke filled the surroundings of St. Boniface due to a fire in a processing plant.

A fire brigade arrived at the Friendly Families Farms fire site at about one in the afternoon on Monday. They faced difficulties because they were not familiar with seed oil and were not sure how to act in such a situation correctly.

Later it turned out that black smoke, which stands above the fire, does not pose much danger. It is a product of burning vegetable oil, but the air quality check in the district did not reveal any threats, Deputy Fire Chief Russ Drohomereski said.

Firefighters worked at the scene all night. The factory building began to collapse from fire. Elderly people, children and people with chronic lung and heart diseases were advised not to walk outside, as they tolerate the effects of smoke more heavily.

As a result, the factory building was completely destroyed by fire, although its cause has not yet been established. During the fire in the building there were 3 employees but none of them was seriously injured.

This plant had previously had 2 fires in 2017 but their consequences were not so devastating. Now the streets around the fire site are closed, and the fire brigade is still working, eliminating the last pockets of fire.

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Friendly Families Farms processing plant fire