Mayor Bowman made a number of key appointments for his second term

Mayor Bowman made a number of key appointments for his second term

Brian Bowman began his second term as mayor by appointing his deputies and Executive Policy Committee members.

5 councillors had already worked in EPC. They are Matt Allard from St. Boniface, Scott Gillingham from St. James, Cindy Gilroy from Daniel McIntyre, Brian Mayes from St. Vital and John Orlikow from River Heights-Fort Garry.

Sherri Rollins from Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry will become a new face in EPC. She will head Standing Policy Committee on Protection, Community Services and Parks. Rollins has already managed to give an interview and share the joy of a new appointment. According to her, she is very proud that she will play an important role in the management of the city and will be able to defend the interests of her ward.

Rollins will be a representative of indigenous people in EPC, as she is Huron-Wendat. Mayor Bowman noted her important work on the integration of the indigenous population over the past years and praised her leadership in society.

The mayor of Winnipeg also noted that he had already held meetings with other city councillors that were not included in EPC. He stated that he is ready to work with everyone, even with those councillors who had different views on many issues during the last term.

Markus Chambers from St. Norbert-Seine River will be Deputy Mayor. He became the first black councillor elected in Winnipeg. Vivian Santos from Point Douglas is Chinese-Canadian and will serve as Acting Deputy Mayor.

All other appointments to important posts in the city must pass during this month, according to the mayor.

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