74 new child care spaces will appear nest spring

74 new child care spaces will appear nest spring

A private corporation will build a new centre with 74 child care spaces in the first half of 2019.

This company will receive $10000 in tax credits for each new child care space.  As it became known, this company is creating a new child non-profit centre. All workers of the centre and Sage Creek families will be able to take its services in the nearest future.

This child centre will have 16 children's and 58 preschool places. $740,000 in tax credits will be paid to the company during the next 5 years. In the provincial budget for 2018 there is a separate column on the Tax Credit for the development of the Child Care Centre.

Any corporation that builds or repairs a children's centre that can hold at least 74 children (if it is located within the city of Winnipeg) and 52 children (if it is located in rural areas) can participate in the program. However, buildings that were previously associated with child care cannot participate in the program.

Finance Minister Scott Fielding informed that at the moment the program is intended for crediting about 200 spaces but 74 are already taken by Qualico. However, he does not deny the fact that the number of spaces may be increased in the future, if it will have sense and necessity.

Qualico started building its non-profit child centre in the autumn, and it is going to open its doors in the spring. 

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