A new women's shelter opens in the city

A new women's shelter opens in the city

Nelson House opens a new women's shelter for Northern Manitoba women.

In case of the possibility of abusive situations, this shelter will be open for all women who live in Northern Manitoba. This centre became the first women's shelter, which he opened, and the grand opening has already taken place.

For women who face domestic violence and abusive behaviour at home, it is very important to know that there is a safe place to which they can come if necessary. This place can become a second home for women who are in trouble.

This shelter will not be used as a treatment center for addiction or detoxification since the use of any substances inside the building is prohibited.

Women who live in areas near Tadoule Lake, Lac Brochet, Churchill and Lynn Lake will also have an opportunity to come to the centre in difficult life situations. 4 large families and 4 small families will be able to stay in the centre at the same time. Each apartment in the center has its own kitchen and bathroom. Women will be able to get all the necessary help from people working in the shelter.

Currently, nine people have already been hired. Security officers and children care personnel are among them. The shelter plans to cooperate with various organizations and services, such as NCN Medicine Lodge, Nursing Station and NCN Family and Community Wellness Centre. 

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