True North Square

True North Square

Several years ago the news about the construction of a commercial center of the two towers became public and in 2016 the construction officially began.

The first tower and the only office space in Winnipeg since 1990 appeared on 242 Hargrave. Signature architecture, floor-to-ceiling glass, flexible floor plates, advanced construction technology, modern heating, and cooling systems and of course exciting rental offers. The tower with a height of 17 floors was commissioned in June 2018.

The complex has a cozy courtyard with lots of green, a grand staircase-bench and color fountains. Mini-park is located between two buildings, which are almost connected on one side, at the same time forming protection from the wind.

The second building is located at 225 Carlton. It has 194 luxury apartments, a welcoming lobby, a floor with penthouses and concierge services, unique areas for boutiques and offices. The 25-story building will open in spring 2019. And this beautiful corner of the city is given the name of True North Square.

Our city is growing and developing, every new building makes it a better place to work and to live in.