90-year-old doctor received Sport for Life Award

90-year-old doctor received Sport for Life Award

Dr. Stefan Carter is 90 years old and he received Sport for Life Award for his achievements in badminton.

Now, Carter tried to play four times a week. He started playing in 1981. The man said that when he was 50, it was much easier for him to play and to run. Now it is much harder but he does not give up and tries to do his best.

On Wednesday, November 7, he received Sport for Life Award from the Manitoba Badminton Association. In his comments, Carter noted that he is very delight to receive such an award, although he does not like too close attention to himself.

The man also told the story of his life. He is from Poland and left for Canada after his parents were killed by the Nazis. In Winnipeg, he entered medical school and became a doctor. Then he met the love of his life. His wife was a teacher and an artist.

They married in 1958 and lived together for a lifetime. The woman died in 2013. Their two sons are already adults and live in the USA.

Despite his age, the former doctor leads a very active lifestyle. He practices yoga, meditates and reads a lot. Also, he wrote several books after he retired. Carter now wants to become an example for many people living in Canada and beyond its borders and to tell his story.

The man says that because of the sport, he feels very good and looks healthy. He hopes to go in for sport and to enjoy life until the last day of his life.

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