Winnipeg Harvest is starting a new breakfast program

Winnipeg Harvest is starting a new breakfast program

Winnipeg Harvest will make breakfasts for schoolchildren to have at the weekends.

A nutritious breakfast is very valuable for children, so in the nearest future they will be able to have food even when they are not at school.

A new program will be at Mulvey School and it is called Breakfast2Go. Due to this program, children can take breakfasts on Friday and eat them at the weekends when they are at home. A recent study found that kids who eat healthy every day show better learning results.

Winnipeg Harvest CEO also said that providing good breakfasts seven days a week, Winnipeg Harvest is going to set children on an academic path to success.

At the moment, the program will work in a test mode at Mulvey School. If everything goes well, it will be implemented in most schools in Winnipeg. All Winnipeg schools have a nutritional program for children 5 days a week but they are unaware that there are those children who cannot eat healthy on weekends due to various factors.

On weekends, children can skip having this meal, or get food containing insufficient amounts of vitamins and elements for their mental work. Breakfast2Go is going to help these children and to make them have better future. 

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