Mercedes GLE 400 – Canadian modification

Mercedes GLE 400 – Canadian modification

Today the new Mercedes-Benz GLE 400 is up for the review, the 2018 model line-up for Canada.

The GLE crossover is a continuation of one of the most successful generations of Mercedes - a class called ML. This is a direct competitor to the BMW X5 and Lexus RX, and Mercedes is one step ahead.

The new GLE is built on the MHA (Modular High Architecture) platform. The same chassis is used by the C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class. The new platform was conceived by engineers from Stuttgart especially for models with high ground clearance. The main difference between the Canadian version in North America is the engine warm-up unit, which is installed on many models. Also, cars for Canada are more “European” - the speedometer is in kilometers, the gas mileage in liters. The USA made cars will require some time to get used to, it is much easier for people from Europe in Canada to drive models built for Canada.

The car has grown in size compared to its predecessor, for example, the wheelbase has increased by 80 mm. The design of the new generation crossover turned out more sporty-looking. The car has new lights, a different rear bumper, as well as a different exhaust system.

Convenience driving - above all praise. Everything is at hand, informative instrument panel, armrest with a convenient shelf. Navigation and voice dialing does not surprise anyone now, in Mercedes all these functions are implemented at a very good level.

The car is very spacious, the suspension is not just soft, but very soft, “float” on the roads is possible in comfort-mode suspension. If you turn on the sport mode, the car will go down and the suspension will become noticeably tougher. On the other hand, you can select the Offroad mode and the car will rise above the road to pass obstacles. With a set speed, the car itself will return to the comfort mode, all of this is possible thanks to the hydraulically suspended Active Body Control.

Power lovers are offered the GLE AMG43 model and the sporty and less practical version of the GLE Coupe. The crossover can now tow up to 3,265 kg with all-wheel drive.

The interior can be supplemented with almost endless options: from the massage function of the front seats to the heating and cooling of drink holders, also the rear space is larger than the BMW X5.