Medical patients face problems with cannabis supply

Medical patients face problems with cannabis supply

Delays in the supply of cannabis adversely affect those people who need it due to health problems.

The organization that supplies cannabis reported that after legalization, the pressure increased significantly and large delays began to occur. Medical patients are primarily affected. Changes in the law led to increased demand, and at the moment there are problems in the supply of points of sale.

Cannabis Council of Canada executive director Allan Rewak offers patients have several licensed producers to be able to receive pot on time in case of delays from the previous supplier.

Ashleigh Brown uses cannabis for treatment and she found a group on Facebook for such people. The woman stated that every day she sees a lot of texts from people who have problems with their prescriptions or with delays. She also offers them to find two or more licensed producers to improve the situation.

Just as people can buy drugs in different pharmacies, medical patients should be able to get cannabis at different points of sale.

Health Canada informed that it is aware of the situation and stated that most likely nothing will change in the next few months. Producers strive to meet the high level of requirements and quality, and high demand leaves its mark. However, the organization still promises to set up production and eliminate this problem.

Rewak also said that cannabis with a higher level of THC is more in demand for common use and cannabis with a higher level of CBD is bought more often by the medical patients. Also, cannabis used for treatment is cheaper than its other types. This is due to the fact that the higher the THC level is the higher its psychoactive effects become.

Many companies make special prices for medical patients and especially for those with low income. 

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